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Metabolic Fat Burning Recipe - Chicken, Yam Fries, Apple Date Spinach Salad

Metabolic Fat Burning Recipe – Chicken Breasts, Yam Fries, and Spinach Salad

Metabolic Fat Burning Recipe – Chicken Breasts, Yam Fries, and Apple Spinach Salad

Here is a great clean eating recipe that is delicious, nutritious, and really great for losing fat and boosting your metabolism.

Metabolic Fat Burning Recipe - Chicken, Yam Fries, Apple Date Spinach Salad

Metabolic Fat Burning Recipe – Chicken, Yam Fries, Apple Date Spinach Salad

 Super Crispy Chicken Breasts

  • Sliced Thin – as desired
  • Bread the Cutlets by coating them well with Flour, then raw egg, then Sha Sha Spelt
  • Pan Fry in Coconut Oil

Crispy Yam Fries

  • Peel Yams and Cut into desired length and size (see picture above)
  • Coat in Olive Oil and put on baking tray
  • Set oven to 450 Degrees and put fries in oven while preheating
  • Every 5 minutes check on fries and flip until cooked as desired
  • Add Sea Salt if desired

Apple Date Spinach Salad

  • Add Baby Spinach into a salad bowl as desired
  • Cut up Apple into cubes and add to salad
  • Cut up half a date per serving
  • Add Balsamic Olive Oil Dressing
  • Put on plate and garnish with crushed walnuts.

Balsamic Olive Oil Dressing

  • Add 3 parts Olive Oil and 1 part Balsamic Vinegar and mix

Now there you have it… an amazing Metabolic Fat Burning Recipe that will get you closer to your fat loss goals and keep your taste buds and metabolism happy.





Top 5 Proteins For Accelerated Fat Loss

Include These Top 5 Proteins To Accelerated Your Fat Loss

Top 5 Proteins to Accelerate Your Fat Loss... #4 Beef.

Top 5 Proteins to Accelerate Your Fat Loss…

If you read my article about “The Importance Of Eating Lean Protein For Fat Loss” you will know that including a lean protein source with your main 3 meals… Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner… is crucial for accelerated fat loss!

And Here Is Why?

By regularly adding lean Proteins to your diet… Your Fat Burning Potential increases for the following 2 Key Reasons:

1. Protein helps maintain and increase your muscle mass which increases your natural metabolic rate…  allowing you to burn more calories without extra exercise or dieting. Imagine for a second… your muscles to be like an engine that requires fuel to run… the bigger the engine the more fuel is required for it to run… so the bigger your engine – your muscles – the more calories you burn naturally.

2. Protein boosts your metabolism through Thermogenesis – a process which happens during digestion and increases the temperature of your body… causing it to burning more calories naturally

Now that we know that eating protein is great for accelerated fat loss and building muscle… you are probably asking…

What Are The Best Proteins?

Well… when choosing the best proteins for accelerated fat loss we need to consider two things:

1. The bio-availablity of the protein… how much of the protein is actually digestible… and

2. The amount of protein in the food

The following are what I consider to be the Best Proteins for Accelerated Fat Loss:

1. New Zealand Whey Protein Isolates – From cows raised naturally in New Zealand without hormones. Top on the list for bio-availability and have 90g of Protein per 100g – 0g fat and Carbs. I prefer to have Whey Protein Isolates in my recovery shake whith some fruit immediately after a hard workout. The high glycemic load of the fruit will cause an insulin spike which will shuttle the protein in my body where it is need most with very little fat gain spill over.

2. Whole Eggs and Egg Whites – are a great choice as they are loaded with omega 3s, Minerals, Nutrients, and Vitamins. They are highly bio-available and are a great protein source. Normally I enjoy eating whole eggs first thing in the morning and egg whites in between meals when I am really hungry.

3. Seafood (Fish) – is also a great source of protein and is highly bio-available. If you are looking for a fast acting easy to digest source stick with white fish like taliapa, tuna, and shrimp. Otherwise wild salmon is a good choice as it is also a good source of omega 3s.

Foods That Burn Fat

Foods That Burn Fat

4. Beef – lean cuts are preferred for losing fat fast. Beef is also very highly bio-available and again contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals which are essential for energy. I spoke with a naturopath recently and she reminded me not to over cook beef as the heat will destroy the essential vitamins. Medium is the way to go.

5. Skinless Chicken Breasts – are another good source of bio-available protein with 16 grams of protein per 100 grams. Two of my favourite ways to cook chicken is to spice and sear the breasts in coconut oil and then pop them into the oven… or even in a slow cooker with some hearty vegetables.

Well there you have it… My Top 5 Proteins For Accelerated Fat Loss.

Rotate them into your diet regularly and you will see and feel the difference.

Here’s to the benefits of healthy eating!






Fat Loss Strategy

Fat Loss Strategy: Eat Lean Proteins With Every Meal

Are You Looking To Transform Your Body… Lose A Lot Of Weight… Or Want To Incinerate Those Last 10 Pounds?

Fat Loss Goals


Well what ever your weight loss goals are… you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this Fat Loss Strategy to help you reach your goals faster.



Fat Loss Strategy: Eat Lean Protein With Each And Every Meal.

Here are 2 reasons why?

1. Protein is the building block for keeping and building muscle… 

Now, the reason why we want to keep our muscle mass and even build muscle when we are trying to lose weight… is that your muscle mass plays a huge role on your metabolism.

The more muscle mass you have… the higher your metabolism and therefore the more calories you burn naturally.

And that is the number 1 reason why a lot of trainers highly recommend weight training as a fat loss solution

If you weight train and gain lean muscle your metabolism increases

Simply, you require more calories just to exist…  and therefore will lose more fat as a result without having to do anything else.

No extra dieting or exercise required.

Sounds good right?

Now to prove the point, consider this…

Who do you think would suffer the bigger “body composition” consequences of eating a chocolate bar…

The RockDwayne “The Rock” Johnson who is over 200 pounds of pure muscle or someone that weighs about the same with over 30% body fat?

That’s right… The Rock would have no problem metabolizing that chocolate bar with very little “body composition” consequences…

where as the other guy would have to run a few miles just to burn off those extra calories.


Now secondly…

2. Protein is highly thermogenic and therefore highly metabolic.

Fat Loss Strategy


Meaning that it takes a lot of energy for our bodies to digest protein… creating internal heat (Thermogenic) and as a result gives our metabolism a boost!

Protein is the most thermogenic macronutrient and requires about 1/4 of the protein calories consumed to be used for digestion.



Meaning that… if you eat a 200 calorie chicken breast your body will use and burn about 50 calories just digesting that chicken breast.

So there you have it…

Two good reason why it is smart to include lean proteins with ever meal as apart of your fat loss strategy.

See you in the gym,


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Fat Burning Breakfast Recipe – Quinoa Salad and 2 Eggs

Today’s Healthy Fat Burning Recipe is one of my go to breakfast recipes when I want to lose fat fast.

It’s loaded with protein, healthy omega fats, vitamins, and low glycemic complex carbs to keep you fuelled up for the morning… Leaving you feeling great!

Quinoa Salad and 2 Egg Breakfast

Fat Burning Foods - Breakfast

Fat Burning Foods – Breakfast

2 Eggs and Quinoa Salad

1/4 Cup Dry – Cooked Quinoa

Half of a Tomato – Chopped

1/4 Cucumber Chopped

2 Eggs Fried in Coconut Oil



Try it and you’ll love it!

Eat Clean to Get Lean!


Foods That Burn Fat - Yams, Broccoli, Fish

3 Best Carbs For Fat Loss

Today I want to share with you “The 3 Best Carbs For Fat Loss” that I have had a lot of success with when trying to lose weight and burn fat.

Before Picture - Fat Loss

Before Picture – Fat Loss

As you can see, last year I went from a pudgy 193 pounds to a lean and mean sub 179 pounds – using and limiting myself to the carbs I am about to reveal to you!




After Picture - Fat Loss

After Picture – Fat Loss

The key to “Switching On Your Body’s Fat Loss Switch” is to keep your carbohydrate level below 100 grams with low glycemic carbs on a daily basis… this will stabilize your insulin levels (your storage/ building hormone) and keep them low.

Insulin – Good For Building Bad For Fat Loss

Now, since Insulin is a storage/ building hormone it is important to understand that when your insulin levels are spiked by consuming carbs… it essentially turns off your body’s fat burning switch and starts to store the nutrients and energy to where it is needed most.

Insulin turns off your body’s Fat Burning Switch and turns on your Body’s Storage Switch.

What ever energy is present within your blood stream at that time will be transported to where it is needed most…

and if it is not required by your muscles or organs there is a high chance that it will end up and be stored as fat!

So you can see that 30 minutes after a workout is a great time to spike your insulin levels by consuming high glycemic carbs – preferably from fruits along with a whey isolate protein.

After a workout, your muscles energy stores are low and need to be replenished.

The high glycemic carbs will spike your insulin levels and signal your body to shuttle the energy, protein and nutrients in your blood stream to where they are needed most to promote growth and recovery… and after a workout that usually means your muscles and organs.

But lets say you eat a high glycemic meal on a non workout day…

Again your insulin levels will spike and your body will be signal to store the energy where it is need most…  but since you haven’t worked out, your muscles really do not need that much as those energy stores will be almost full.

Your body at that point will take that energy and store it as fat on your body for a later date when your muscles and organs need it most… and that is how people get fat.

Here are The 3 Best Carbs For Fat Loss…

Foods That Burn Fat - Quinoa.

Foods That Burn Fat – Quinoa.

1. Quinoa – Pronounced (KEEN-wah).

Quinoa is a high protein, alkaline forming, gluten free, low glycemic complex carb with only 172 calories per 1/4 cup dry.





Foods That Burn Fat - Yams

Foods That Burn Fat – Yams

2. Yams – are an excellent low glycemic complex carbohydrate.

They are rich in antioxidants, Vitamins (B6 and C) and Minerals ( Maganese and Potassium).

The maganese helps you body metabolize carbohydrates… and the their high fibre content (carbs which your body can not digest) promote a healthy digest tract.



Foods That Burn Fat - Broccoli, Yams, and Fish

Foods That Burn Fat – Broccoli, Yams, and Fish


3. Broccoli – is truly a super food!

Not only is it great for Fat Loss but it is also know to boost your immune system and help prevent certain cancers. Broccoli is high in Vitamins and Minerals (Potassium, Magnesium, and Cooper).



Foods That Burn Fat - Broccoli Nutrition Facts

Foods That Burn Fat – Broccoli Nutrition Facts







By adding these 3 carbs to your diet on a daily basis, like me, you will begin to see and feel the difference in your health and fitness.

The digits on the scale will drop and your clothes will start to fit looser… you will also certainly be happier looking at your self every morning in the mirror!

I hope you enjoyed this article and please leave a comment below and send some love on Facebook.